Jewellery Care Dos and Don'ts

Things to Remember:


  • Gently clean your jewellery with a soft lint free cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth (silver, gold, platinum) that is suitable for use with your piece. Doing this from time to time will bring the shine back and will help treat sterling silver as it naturally tarnishes(oxides) when exposed to the air, when reacting to acids in your skin, when reacting to moisture in perspiration or when reacting to moisturiser/lotions/perfumes applied to the skin.
  • Store your jewellery in a fabric lined box, in separate compartments in a jewellery box, put separately in soft pouches or wrap separate pieces in jewellers tissue. 
  • Hang on to the boxes or wraps that your jewellery comes in as these will protect your jewellery pieces from damage or dirt.
  • Reduce wear and tear by:
      • Putting jewellery on after applying makeup, perfume, hair and body products.
      • Remove jewellery when gardening, working out/exercising, housework, getting your hair styled, swimming.
  • Dry jewellery after exposure to water, use a soft lint free cloth or soft jewellery polishing cloth (silver, gold, platinum). 
  • When undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft lint free cloth or soft jewellery polishing cloth (silver, gold, platinum).
  • Wipe lightly plated jewellery when dirty.
  • Check earring butterfly backs regularly as everyday wearing can cause them to loosen.  You can tighten by gently squeezing the two circles of metal together with very fine pliers, pointed tweezers or your fingers if you can get a strong grip.


  • Wear jewellery when swimming, using the steam or sauna, gardening, housework, showering, bathing, exercising, getting your hair styled.
  • Submerge the following in water, chlorine, salt water, minerals springs, sun cream:
      • jewellery that has gemstones or pearls
      • sterling silver
      • gold
      • white gold
      • rose gold
      • plated jewellery
      • platinum
  • Let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish remover, creams,perfumes,body sprays,hairsprays,household cleaning agents and cosmetics.
  • Rub plated jewellery when cleaning.

These actions will protect your jewellery from damage such as discoloration, colour fade on plated jewellery and erosion.